Strategic Planning

An incredibly important and critical aspect of corporate survival is Strategic Planning.  What is the state and nature of your business today, its historical record, its strengths and weaknesses, and near- and long-term corporate goals?  MBL Associates LLC will mentor and lead your corporate team through the strategic planning process.  Importantly, we will challenge and test your core beliefs and aspirations, forcing a sometimes brutally honest and realistic appraisal of goals and objectives.


The keys to successful Strategic Planning are realism and honesty.


Our services at a glance:

  • An in-depth, deep dive of Corporate performance
  • Confidential non-attribution interview process with key employees, leaders and managers
  • Exhaustive analysis of top management and Board goals, desires, objectives.
  • Development of key metrics
  • Leadership mentoring
  • Follow-up with corporate leadership on actual performance accomplishments
  • A recommended six-month periodic re-review and update of Strategic Planning key elements

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